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Welcome to Walking Barefoot

Welcome to Walking Barefoot

Tired of feeling less than enough? Of repeating unwanted patterns of being? Of feeling that something is missing? That life could be better?

It can!

You are not alone! Limited self-love is a common underlying belief in women, preventing us from feeling good about ourselves and creating a life we truly desire and deserve.

We may each present with individual issues and problematic life & health circumstances, but if you gently dig a little deeper, you will find that a lack of self worth and limited self love is the underlying cause of much of our unwelcome patterns of being.

Limited self worth is a universal conditioned belief; lets release that which hinders you, to make space for cultivating your innate self-love and soul connection, to discover your inherent sense of joy and freedom, a journey your heart and soul is longing for you to take, enabling empowering, compassionate life choices that rock your world!

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